PRODUCT REVIEW: The Face Shop Mango Seed Oil

Alright, it’s been a while since we’ve done a product review! Let’s get right into it! For Blogmas Day 8, I present my thoughts on The Face Shop Mango Seed Heart Volume Radiance Face Oil. Like and comment if you know the kpop band in the background (hint: I mentioned them in my favorite products of 2015 post) ~


When I bought this during Black Friday, the product was 35% off and even then it cost around $30, but I trusted the salesperson to guide me to the most hydrating winter product The Face Shop had to offer.

My Humble Opinion:

This is a light but indeed very hydrating oil. I’ve tried putting jojoba oil on my face before, and was not a fan of the sticky residue. I’ve been using this daily for about two weeks, and I’ve noticed that two or three drops of oil sink right into the skin, giving it a velvety smooth feeling, and hydrates the skin throughout the night. I’ve also tried this to make my makeup look more dewy in the morning, and it doesn’t leave me looking like I’ve been covered in pig fat. All in all, there are virtually no negatives I can point out about this product.


The scent is also mild and sweet, as mango scents should be. Packaging is also an A+. In other words, pretty good facial oil for intense hydration without breaking my out or leaving me too oily.

Coming soon is a makeup tutorial featuring my hydrating daily winter makeup look! Stay tuned~


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