#COOKIN: Soondubu Jjigae Lite

For Blogmas Day 7, let’s make some Korean tofu stew! My mom and I love warm soups to pour over rice in the winter time – it is a really cozy comfort food. Today, I tried my hand at Soondubu Jjigae or Beef Tofu Stew. Usually, Koreans add a lot of hot chili paste to spice up the stew, but my mom can’t tolerate any spice, so I played around with the recipe to make a light version. Here goes! And forgive the photo quality – used my iPhone cam.


Les ingredientes: 

2 – 3 eggs

1 tablespoon Korean soy paste (especially for jjigae)

around ten slices of thinly sliced beef rib

a handful of Enoki mushrooms, 10-20 cabbage leaves (honestly any green vegetable and mushroom combo will do)

two servings of Silken or extra-silken tofu

(Optional: you can add spicy flavorings or ramen or ham or spam – be creative!)



Le Preparation:

  1. Wash up cabbage and enoki mushrooms. At the same time, thaw beef slices.IMG_8074
  2. Lay out beef slices flat on a cutting board and sprinkle salt on it as well as a spoonful of olive oil. Let that sit for a little.
  3. Chop up vegetables into bite-size pieces
  4. Heat up a small pot and without adding oil to the bottom of the pot, put all the beef slices into the pot. Once it goes just a little brown at the bottom of the beef slices, immediately take the slices out. Note that the beef should still be mostly raw.
  5. Add oil to the bottom of the pot, and add the chopped up veggies into the pot. Stir until vegetables soften and seem cooked.IMG_8079
  6. Stir in a tablespoon of paste in with the vegetables. No water should have been added at this point.
  7. When the paste seems to have become more liquified and spread out, add two plastic bottles worth of water (my measurements are so very accurate) – you can just eyeball the amount. Wait until the water starts to boil.
  8. Add in beef.
  9. Wait until beef slices are totally browned. Taste the soup and see if you need to add more water if you think it tastes too strong.
  10. Carefully chop up or spoon out the silken tofu without crumbling it, and pour into pot. Also stir together the eggs and pour that liquid into the pot in a circular motion.
  11. Wait for about three minutes, and your soup is cooked! Serve over white or brown rice.IMG_8082

And there, my friends, you have a light but filling dinner for a cold December day. I’ll be doing more cooking blogs this month, so get excited!


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