#PRIDE: What I Have Accomplished This Year

For Blogmas Day 6, I wanted to reflect on the things I’m proud I accomplished this year. Is this a little egotistical? Perhaps. But I’ve realized that as the year ends, I always have a heap of things that I regret or mistakes I’ve made (which I will post about as well, not to worry), but I tend to forget the good things. To make up for all that self-doubt and self-deprecation, this will be the post where I virtually say to myself – Lilian, you did a damn good job this year, despite the little shortcomings!

If you want to know how to write your own #Pride post, stick with me until the end! Otherwise, if you aren’t a fan of annually enforced self-boasting, feel free to dismiss the offer and scoff at my post (but please don’t, I’m a nice person I pinky swear).


  1. You survived your first year and 1/4 of college and a summer in Beijing all by yourself. Remember when you had nightmares about how homesick you’d be and thought you wouldn’t make it past week five of freshman year? Remember when you thought you’d get run over by Beijing traffic if your mother wasn’t there to guide you through the chaos? You clearly outdid yourself (nearly got hit once by a Beijing taxi but hey, you’re still here)!
  2. You exercise regularly for the first time, almost year-round. With motivation from a lovely gym buddy and that Korea gangster rap (thank you ZICO), you went from going to the gym two weeks per semester to skipping the gym two weeks per semester. You realized at the end of this year that your flabby thigh fat has turned into sturdy muscle – good on you!ttt2bfitness2b01
  3. You got that time management under control. Maybe you were kind of scared that you’d have no discipline once you left your parents and entered college life, but you’ve done impressed yourself! You literally never take breaks unless you know you should. Keep that up.
  4. You were brave enough to enter a relationship in unfavorable circumstances; you were brave enough to leave a relationship despite unfavorable circumstances. The result? You learned a lot about love but more importantly, self-respect – you taught yourself major lessons, girl.IMG_7716
  5. You maintained a blog for 9 months with at least one post a week – it has been such a joy to just express yourself, but you know you’ve had to work hard and discipline yourself to write so consistently. Now, you have almost 400 amazing, supportive followers. It’s a miracle!
  6. You bounce back from things faster. You’ve been through some tough times this year, but they seem to not affect you as much in the long-term. In high-school, you let things get to you and moped over unfortunate events for a long time. Sometimes, you’d skip class and stay in bed crying all morning. But this year, you know your responsibilities, and as a result, you’ve watched yourself grow.

All in all, I’d give myself a nice round of applause! 


Try to journal or create a blog post about what accomplishments you’ve achieved this year. It really gave me warm positive vibes. Feel free to be creative with it, but here are my general guidelines: (1) think all the way back to Dec 2014 and try to evaluate how much you’ve grown, (2) if you can’t think of anything, think harder – honestly, I only thought of three accomplishments at first (the last three), but I forced myself to remember other wonderful things I’d done. Let me know if you will post a #Pride post, and link your blog in the comments below!


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