TASTE JOURNEY: The Winter Break Asian Food Haul

I’ve arrived back home, and there is no better way to commemorate the true start of winter break than with food. Thus, I went to a huge Asian supermarket today – here are some things I snagged. I invite you to salivate over my short (but delicious) post for Blogmas Day 5!


In college, I couldn’t find good Korean instant noodles anywhere near campus, so when I came back home, I stocked up on four packages to keep me happy over winter break. I got the Shin Black Ramen with juicy beef bits and the Chapagetti Jjajangmyeon instant noodles – both are my favorites!


Then, I got some ddeokbokki rice cakes with the spicy flavorings, because I wanted to make ddeokbokki at home when it gets colder this winter.


I then tried to gather tofu/soy soup base for an attempt at non-spicy budae jiggae (Korean military-style tofu stew) for my mom and I.


Lastly, I got my beverage craving, a light plum juice that tastes refreshing and is good for digestion! Great for after a meal.


And that wraps it up folks! Get ready for food pictures or failed cooking journeys up ahead. 🙂


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