TASTE JOURNEY: Pastis Bistro

I just took my last final of the day, and so for Blogmas Day 3, I went out with my friends to Pastis, a Michelin-guide rated French restaurant on California Avenue, to celebrate the real start to winter break. The food was wonderful and the atmosphere cozy. We even had a short chit chat with the friendly owner, who described their special dishes crazily fast in broken English, leaving me awed (but also like slightly confused).

I ordered a glorious Duck Confit Sandwich, while my two friends ordered Mussels and also a Quiche Lorraine. We shared a shallot dish as an appetizer.






We all agreed that the food was phenomenal.

After enjoying that delicious lunch, we went to Tin Pot for dessert. I got myself an Eggnog Latte type of drink that included two shots of expresso and two scoops of caramel eggnog ice cream. It was heavenly!


Here is the website for Pastis and for Tinpot. See you tomorrow!


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