RESILIENCE: How To Mentally Prepare For A Great 2016

For Blogmas Day 2, I wanted to dedicate a post to having a positive mentality for the new year. Of course, December is a wonderful time for self-reflection – we’ve all been through our ups and downs this year, we’ve all grown a lot, and we are so ready for 2016!

IMG_0125.JPGWhat are the best ways to start off 2016 with a healthy, vibrant spirit?

  • Get rid of any lingering regrets and pain.
  • Nurture your body and mind.
  • Remember the good moments.

Get rid of any lingering bad emotions: Do you have something weighing you down? A friendship or any relationship that you sense is going downhill, an exam that did not roll over that well, your own health? Don’t let mistakes or unhappy moments control your emotional state for an extended amount of time. Every failure is a stepping stone to success, and sometimes failing is a wonderful thing – it means you were brave enough to attempt something despite it’s risks. My personal role model JK Rowling once said: “It is impossible to live without failing at somethings, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well have not lived at all, in which case you have failed by default.” Take the time to quietly reflect on the rough patches of your year, and turn them into moments of growth.

Nurture your body and mind: during the holiday season, it is even more important to go outside when it’s cold and take a walk or a jog. I personally hate being out in the cold and rather stay by my fireplace all day watching movies, but over time, I start to feel sluggish and unproductive. Aiming for a 20-30 minute walk outside will make a huge difference not only in your physical but also mental wellbeing. In addition, while it’s great to eat some sweets and pastries during the holiday season, try not to over-indulge. Health should be a priority as 2015 comes to a close – we need to keep our bodies and minds in tip-top shape to herald in the new year, don’t we?


Remember the good moments: most people are more susceptible to remembering bad moments in our day-to-day lives rather than championing positive moments. Yes, you had really awesome pancakes for brunch. Yes, your old friend hit you up on Skype today. BUT – then you had a quarrel with your roommate and great, your entire day is now messed up. But is it? Don’t let bad moments ruin an otherwise beautiful day. Don’t let negative events cast a shadow over your year. Take some time to remember good things that have happened over 2015, so you can step into 2016 with a warm, open smile instead of running to 2016 hoping to escape 2015.

Thanks for reading! Hope you found this helpful.


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