WINTER NAILS: Sacrifice Everything For Color

Stuck with studying for finals, so here is a short little post on what I’m wearing on my nails these past two weeks: Essie’s Wrapped In Rubies. The shade is – absolutely, objectively – gorgeous. It is a unique mix of burgundy and dark raspberry with subtle golden sheen that keeps this festive color a bit fancy, a bit chic. Love the color.


However. I have got to be honest.

The amount of chipping this polish has managed to do in just three to four days is repulsing. I’ve experienced this with all my Essie nail polishes – I guess something about their formula does not sit well with my base or top coat, but I don’t like to reapply this color every few days. May go on a hunt for a similar shade from my favorite brand, L’Oreal (which stays on my nails for at least two weeks before chipping, mind you).


Nevertheless, the color is worth reapplying this polish a few more times to remind myself of holiday cheer. Nail polish color recommendations for the holidays, anyone?



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