Drop your things.

Drop your body (like, right now, lie on the floor like you just done passed out). I just found my favorite lip product of all time – Colourpop? The Face Shop? Aritaum? NYX? Nothing beats this little one.

Today I’ll be reviewing Ofra’s Liquid Long-Lasting Lipstick in Miami Fever.


My Humble Opinion:

First, Kathleen Lights, whom Ofra collaborated with, is my obsession. She is a really famous Youtube Beauty guru (check out her Youtube page here) who has a vibrant yet real personality. I straight up hyena-style laugh at her “das expansive” comments – like this post if you know what I’m talking about!!

Kathleen said she wanted to create a color that was unique but also suitable for all skintones for all seasons. I think she realized all of her goals. This orange-brown-red color is the perfect ‘pumpkin spice’ color for fall and winter, giving you that pop of sophisticated color. However, I can see it working well in the summer months too, because the color is not at all mute or dark – it has a hint of tropical vibrancy. So, the color has be obsessed.


What has me more obsessed? The formula. I put this matte liquid lipstick on at 8:30AM today and took it off around 8:30PM – every time I look in the mirror, it’s like I JUST applied it, no joke. It lasted through two meals, water bottling chugging, tea sipping, talking, winter coldness, and a workout. This is so unreal because it remains comfortable on the lips until about the 7-hour mark (after which my inner lips started to crack from dryness) and was so easy to remove – it doesn’t stain the lips at all!



The product is a bit pricey – retailing at around $19.90 + shipping, but I got my hands on a 40% off deal Kathleen was doing, so I got mine for less. I will absolutely, definitely, unhesitatingly buy two or three more colors once my current lipsticks all go dry or expire. I will be happy replacing 80% of my lip products with Ofra’s. 

I rarely get this happy about the quality of the packaging, color, and formula of a lip product. I have many feelings (of love and thankfulness) for Ofra. That is all.


Selfie courtesy of crappy iPhone cam.




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