SNAPSHOT: Cloudy, Rainy, Chilly Days

I absolutely hate rain mixed with cold under gray skies. They dampen my mood right when I wake up, leaving me complaining (to myself and to others) about how darn crappy life is. But sometimes, little things really cheer me up too. Enjoy my short little post on what makes me happy on a cloudy cold day. 


A playlist of peaceful Korean songs (think 2lson and Ukelele Picnic). Not understanding the lyrics relaxes me and encourages me to just listen to the melody.


A nice face mask in the morning to make sure your skin stays happy. I just purchased some Tony Moly I’m Real sheet masks.


A bowl of hot, spicy ramen to warm me up (and some sweets on the side?)


This is a a no brainer: a good book to cuddle up to – I’m currently reading a collection of short stories written in Chinese.


Hope the weather does get better though! See you in my next post, and tell me what you like to do on rainy days.


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