THE CALM: 4 Ways to Stay Sane When Things Get Crazy

IMG_0776We have big dreams and huge life plans on our minds, but life seems to get in the way. How will you write your first novel, get into college, become mayor, or go to Hollywood if you feel flustered and overwhelmed all the time? Stress is such a huge industry right now, with so many self-help books out there telling you the big life changing thing you need to do to be happier or more successful. Honestly though, to cope with everyday stress, we can just try to change our mentalities in small ways – there is no instant formula to be calmer, so gradually you will find little things that make you feel content, ameliorating the level of your anxiety. Here, I’ll show 4 ways I personally find calm.

  1. Pop in that rap music. This is definitely unique to me, but I feel like Korean rap music is the most motivational thing to wake up to or workout to. It banishes all negative thoughts in my mind, and makes me feel ready to just – DO something to boost my productivity. The best thing is, I don’t know Korean, so I just groove with the beat and make up the lyrics to fit my particular mood! Currently, I’m super into iKon’s “Anthem” (Bobby’s raspy and energetic rap style is addicting) and “Rhythm TA”. IMG_0781
  2. Get up just thirty minutes earlier in the morning. I am a classic night owl, but recently I’ve been trying to head to bed just thirty minutes earlier. It is unbelievable how life-changing this has been for me. I didn’t realize I could squeeze so much in half an hour. Besides, it is always nice to soak up in the 8AM sunlight. Try it!
  3. Drink tea sip by sip. I absolutely love tea – bitter strong tea, herbal spearmint tea, or ‘fake’ pumpkin tea (no shame, no shame). It is said that tea really has calming abilities (check out this article), and I believe it – my favorite teas right now are: Republic of Tea’s Double Green Matcha and Republic of Tea’s Hi-Caf Cinnamon Toast Tea. Comment below and share your favorite tea!IMG_0777IMG_0768
  4. Make a detailed plan of the day. So I personally find pure joy when I plan out my day. I suddenly have agency to carry on the tasks I may have previously dreaded to tackle. Some people love decorating their planners or putting stickers on their to-do lists, but homegirl has 0 artistic ability and 0 time, so my only standard is that the list is in a pretty notebook and the handwriting is legible. I am currently using a Qsinghua University memo pad I got as a souvenir from my study abroad in China this summer.IMG_0780IMG_0779

And that’s a wrap! Hope this post gave you some inspiration to be calmer in the littlest (but sometimes most effective) ways.


4 thoughts on “THE CALM: 4 Ways to Stay Sane When Things Get Crazy

  1. I definitely agree with the rap music – I like a calm steady beat, like Yubin’s tracks from UR2 and KittyB’s Track8 (I think) with Microdot. I ignore the show, mostly, but those songs are really good for chilling with.

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