I have not posted at all this week because this is my way of showing respect for Mizzou, Yale, and the latest tragedy in Paris. It has been an overwhelming week in the news, and as a blog for social progress, I wanted to have a week of silence. I hope that everyone can keep themselves informed about the events going on, and more importantly, listen before your speak (or tweet, or post on FB). It is great to speak up, but just make sure you are aware of the whole story, with every detail and every differing point of view.

Ok, cue transition to happy superficial haul time! Last Monday, I snatched two items from e.l.f at my local drugstore. They were the e.l.f Lip Exfoliator and Concealer Brush.


My Humble Opinion –

Lip Exfoliator:



Pluses? The black, rectangular packaging for this product was sleek and simple, and the smell of this product reminds me of honey oatmeal. Otherwise, the exfoliator was a bit rough, and the gooey balm that holds the exfoliating brown sugar granules together does not easily melt on my lips. So, in general, it did it’s job and took dead skin off my lips, but I don’t really understand why it is a best selling product for e.l.f. The granules hurt my lips, the balm left a sticky residue, and it took a helluva long time to scrub away at the dead skin on my lips. I’d rather buy something more expensive and have it effectively and painlessly scrub my lips clean.

Concealer Brush:


Ok, to be fair, I wanted to snag this 1 dollar brush to serve as a concealer brush, lip brush, and Colourpop eyeshadow brush. Alas. it is not fit for any of these purposes. As a synthetic brush with a small, precise tip, I was surprised by how little pigment this brush picked up from the products. Even the creamiest lipstick or thickest concealer did not transfer onto this brush, and every application was disappointingly sheer. However, sometime I use it to apply overly bold lipstick – the brush transforms a bold look into a fresh everyday look.

Anyone else try these products and want to defend them in all their (possible) glory? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.



  1. I have a few elf brushes that serve a very specific purpose in my make-up collection: being disposable. If I want to bring a little make up with me during an event where my bag could be a but smushed by our stroller or a bag I usually just throw an elf brush in my bag and put a cheaper eye shadow in with it. So if they get messed up, that’s fine, but I still have the ability to touch up if allergies make me cry.

    In general though I think one of the best things to splurge on is brushes. If you have great eye shadow it won’t matter if your brush is crap. But if you have O.K. eye shadow and a great brush it can still look good. At least in my experience.

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  2. Good to know about the lip exfoliator, was thinking about getting it! I had that concealer brush also and agree with you, unfortunately, that one and many of their earlier brushes you get what you pay for. Not sure how their newer brushes are though.

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