TASTE JOURNEY: Mayfield Bakery and Cafe

Yesterday, some friends and I went to have a special brunch together at the Mayfield Bakery and Cafe. This is such a quaint little place perfect for having a cup of coffee with breakfast during the fall time. The cafe itself is quite crowded, and people even make reservations for weekend brunch. The atmosphere, though, is spacious and airy with huge windows and mirrors lining the tables to make the place seem bigger.



The food is simple yet delicious, and you know it’s very healthy too. I got the Kale Florentine, which was essentially a lovely eggs benedict dish. My friend got soft scrambled eggs.






It was a little pricey, but for a weekend treat, I really liked this place. Located at Town and Country, it is next to great ice cream shops and little boutiques, perfect for a small outing with friends.

For more information on Mayfield Bakery and Cafe, check out their website! I hope to try some of their pastries and desserts next time I go there.


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