#SOPHOMOREYEAR: Officially Hit A Major Lowpoint

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these more personal posts, but I want to let everyone know how things are going in my life and how I am as a human being these days.

So, this quarter has been the hardest quarter of my college experience, mostly because of two sources of major stress – one an academic stress, and another an extracurricular stress. It seems like everything, from little daily tasks to big goals, have been either sitting on the back-burner or just became failures. After having such a wonderful, positive freshman year, this quarter definitely took it’s toll. I know it’s not the case in reality, but it really seems like things are just never going to go right – I’ve been unconsciously going down a negative spiral for the past two weeks.


I think this is a perfect opportunity for me to – how do I put this is the most appropriate way – grow the f*&k up. In high school, whenever I felt a wave of helpless negativity wash over, I just let my emotions control me and become in many ways paralyzed. But now, I want to treat my emotions in a mature way – acknowledge their presence, give them some TLC, and then proceed to use them to fuel productive actions! I think a really cool way I’ve been coping today is to channel hopelessness into a sort of anger. For example, instead of thinking “oh man, I humiliated myself in front of X professor by getting a bad grade”, I force myself to think “X professor thinks I’m stupid because I got a bad grade? I’ll show him by getting perfect As next quarter in his classes.” Anger can morph the sadness you feel currently into an emotion that spurs action.

Of course, I’m not going to be happy and jolly starting tomorrow, but I need to do whatever I can to remain calm and rational. I will face hardships – life just is not interesting if you don’t hit some major (or minor) bumps along the way.

Please, please, please share your personal tips on how to cope with burn out or tough times in general.Β 


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