3 WAYS: How to Kick Fatigue In the Butt

Lately, I’ve been just feeling groggy and am constantly finding myself in vegetative states – not wanting to move, not wanting to work, just wanting to close my eyes for a minute. However, after becoming aware of this fatigue I was experiencing, I tried to get myself out of it! Read up on these for 3 unique tips if you feel like you always want some shut-eye, no matter how many hours of sleep you got!


  1. Learn to time your caffeine. Everyone knows caffeine wakes up like nothing else, but we’ve all experienced painful crashes after chugging a few cups too many of that dark roast coffee. What I’ve learned is that if you time your caffeine boost-ups more efficiently, it can make all the difference. I have found that for me, I like to get just a bit of caffeine in the morning (maybe half a cup of the Republic of Tea’s HiCaf Teas or half a cup of iced black coffee) to wake me up a little quicker. This half-cup limit gives me absolutely no crash, even when I skip breakfast. Usually, the second round of more powerful caffeine intake comes around 4-5 hours afterward to prep me for afternoon work. I separately down two cups of iced coffee, spaced an hour and a half from each other, and it works great! The idea here is to listen to your body and adjust your caffeine intake ‘schedule’ accordingly!
  2. Unplug (just a little?) from technology. This is the hardest for me, because my idea of a good break has always (and perhaps will always be) Das Youtube – along with online makeup stores. But, especially if you work on your laptop and don’t move around during your breaks, a part of your brain is still stuck in work mode – after all, you are stuck in the same place! What I do is I make sure I chat with some friends, go get a snack, brew some tea, make my bed, or do anything mildly active before settling into ten minutes of Youtube so my brain knows to loosen up. This is such a small change, but really let my brain know it should be resting.IMG_7444
  3. Clean your room. It can just be a small thing, like sorting out your papers or rearranging your makeup collection. The concept behind the practice is fairly simple: not only does this activity get some blood flowing and your heart rate up, but it also puts your brain in its ‘organization’ mindset, which triggers it to do go beyond physical organization to thing about how to tackle (or even just make) your to do list.

Want more? I fell in love with Michelle Phan’s article on avoiding burn out without totally checking out. Here is the link.

Power on!


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