#TRENDRANT: Angelababy and Plastic Surgery

Here goes my second trendrant. On October 15th, famous Chinese actress Angelababy underwent a court case in which doctors proved that her beautiful face was genuine – not the product of plastic surgery. Even BBC news covered this trending case (link here), saying that Angelababy had been facing rumors of plastic surgery since 2012.

PC: jannah heaven

Here is what I’m seeing in this situation that scares me. East Asian actresses are so pressured to conform to a set beauty standard – I’m talking big eyes, double eyelids, small nose, sharp chin – or very few of them actually can make it in the business. Once they change themselves accordingly and rise to the top of the entertainment industry, BAM. Comments turn from ‘are you pretty enough’ into ‘aren’t you too pretty’? I would respond, are you kidding me?? This is such a poisonous cycle of imposing beauty standards and then not even allowing women to have the agency to conform to them! This is when the admiration for so called natural beauty turns a bit sour. You have to be 95% beautiful, because if you are 100% beautiful, you are automatically ‘too pretty’, oops, you lose all your glory because you definitely were not born with that. Other gorgeous Chinese actresses like Fan Bingbing and Li Bingbing underwent the same double standard pressure.

Even though Angelababy successfully proved that her beauty was natural, what is wrong with her getting plastic surgery? Stars who did plastic surgery did it for the audience, so that their faces would be pleasing – and now the audience dares to turn on them and accuse them of being fake? This baffles me.


PC: 全民星探 Right: handwritten confirmation from the doctor

I find it shocking still that her husband especially said that Angelababy looks “ugly” sometimes when she doesn’t wear makeup, just to prove that she did not do plastic surgery. As if everyone who doesn’t do plastic surgery must be quite ugly at some point or another.

Step it up, people.


5 thoughts on “#TRENDRANT: Angelababy and Plastic Surgery

  1. There is something massively disturbing about the “fan” opinions on celebrity beauty or “lack thereof” that leads to plastic surgery. It’s just really extreme. I agree with you on this.

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  2. I’m not a huge fan of plastic surgery for frivolous reasons. I think in general it’s better used for people who have real issues to deal with (e.g. people injured in accidents, people with disfiguring medical conditions, people born with highly atypical facial appearance and so on).

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    1. I personally agree as well, although it is even worse to judge someone for doing plastic surgery because you aren’t aware that they’ve been so pressured by social forces to do it, as a rising entertainer. Thanks for your comment!

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      1. Well, judging people isn’t very kind. I’m generally pretty easygoing, so what people want to do is fine by me as long as it’s not hurting anybody else.

        But cosmetic surgery is a real operation, expensive, occasionally dangerous, and with uncertain results. There are times when it probably is the right way to go, but I don’t think it’s the kind of thing people should do lightly and without a lot of thought beforehand.

        Anyway, that’s just my two cent’s worth (to add to the two cents I gave you before, which I guess means you now have four cent’s worth of my opinions). Thank you for your nice reply earlier.

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