#FOTD: The Minimal Graphic Eye


Sometimes, a college girl wants to make a statement without overdoing it. When she does her makeup, she wants to exude bold uniqueness without going over the edge and scaring professors away. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the graphic eyeliner look. It’s basically freedom to do art on your eye. Even in China, it’s been a trend for the fall since last year, and as someone who wears eyeliner as part of her daily makeup routine, it’s fun and refreshing to change things up a bit and turn simple eyeliner into edgy masterpieces.

I would like to share with you my very minimal graphic eyeliner look suitable for everyday. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on my look, which tells you that even though it looks subtle, it already makes a statement. People who talk to you will notice that you only drew an outline of your wing! Of course, for outside of class, I have no problem making things really dramatic – but for a daily look that not only can be overdoing things, but also is a huge time-eater in the morning (drawing eyeliner is so not easy).

Here is my finished eye look. I drew an ‘unfilled winged eye’ with 3CE’s Liquid Eyeliner:


Here is an alternative example. I glitzed up the design and also added glittery under-eyeliner!

All you need is perhaps 5-seconds of pure concentration on each eye, and voila! You are good to go. For double eyelids, it’s key to use your natural folds as connectors for your eyeliner to make things more natural.


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