EiR NYC: One Brand Review

***All opinions my own; this is not a sponsored post***

Hey blogosphere, I’m back with a review of an organic, unisex body/skin care line for people with active lifestyles! Let me introduce you to EiR – they kindly sent me some products for review (a mist, and oil-based skincare samples), and I am very impressed by the quality of this brand and the very sporty, simple, yet daring spirit it expresses. The brand has even been featured in Vogue!


1) Energizing Mist

First up is their Energizing Mist from the newly launched Fall Recovery line. I have a lot to rave about this product because I think I may use this a LOT in the next few months. I love the formulation of this mist – I compared it to my previous holy grail skin mist, the Mario Badescu Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater Spray, and I honestly think this one is better. The Rosewater Spray seems to only provide temporary relief, but this EiR mist locks in moisture without feeling heavy. In addition, it claims to be an antiseptic, which I am totally for because nobody wants bacteria from makeup and sweat on their face! Also, the nozzle allows a very fine mist to spritz onto the face, whereas the MB spray is more uneven.


One downside is the scent of the spray – thank god it doesn’t linger on my skin, but when I first spray it I’d describe the scent to be akin to ginger salad dressing (not surprising because the main ingredient is ginger extract). It is very hard to appreciate the goodness of the spray when the smell makes repels you.

2) Face Rescue Night Serum


I received a sample size, and am in love! It is an oil that absorbs super fast into the skin and will leave minimal residue on your pillow at night. It is heavy, as a night serum should be, but doesn’t suffocate my skin. But will it replace my usual night moisturizer? I’m not that impressed by it, and for 45 dollars, I may just stick to my usual night routine.

3) Savasana Body Oil

I am perhaps most impressed by this product, and perhaps one day will purchase the whopping full size because I feel like this suits me better than regular body lotions or butters. Like the Face Rescue, this oil seeps right into the skin, and doesn’t leave a messy residue. Lately, my legs have been so dry that I really have to work hard to get the body butters to sink in to my skin.


Even though on the site they encourage you to ‘apply liberally’, I was pleasantly surprised to find that a quarter-size amount of product left my legs velvety smooth for like, 2 days straight. I wish the sample size weren’t so small – I used it up in two showers! Even the smell, which has a sophisticated, earthy scent, is very calming and addictive. If you don’t like this type of scent, I’d stay away from this product, because this one lingers on the skin for a few hours.

4) Tough Love Cuticle Balm


Lastly, I’d like to mention Tough Love, a solid but oil-based cuticle balm. The formula of this product is quite interesting – if you swirl your finger on the surface of the solid, the top layers melt on contact, and when applying the product from your fingertip, it’s like applying a clear oil. I like this formula a lot, and like their other oil products, it leaves no messy residue but manages to intensely hydrate the skin.

There you go! Hope you enjoyed the review and check these products out.



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