BASE ESSENTIALS: My Current Foundation Holy Grails

The foundation of a piece of art is the canvas. The most important part of makeup application lies in the base products. Today, I’ll be sharing two foundations I’ve picked up in the summer and that I’ve been using everyday. I have combination skin, so I’m very impressed that both of these products are both moisturizing and mattifying for the skin.


1) Etude House Essence-In Foundation (N1)

When I decided to purchase this product, I was already a bit suspicious – it was apparently infused with Etude House’s Collagen Moistfull essence, so I was afraid it was going to make my skin super glowy and oily. However, it does the exact opposite! While moisturizing my skin, it is very light in texture but also provides great coverage. When I use this foundation, I’ve discovered that there is no need to put finishing powder on after wards! Really an amazing product. Also, Etude House’s BB creams and foundations are more beige-based and less pink-based than other Korean brands, which makes my skin look more natural while maintaining a subtle brightness.

IMG_0599 IMG_0601 IMG_0602

2) Missha Magic Moisture Cushion (N13)

I’ve already reviewed the product here, but I just wanted to pitch it once more. This BB cushion makes my skin glowy but not oily at all. Compared to Etude House’s foundation, it is definitely more pink-based, but the coverage is also not as high, so it still comes off looking very natural. It does brightens more than Etude House’s foundation, but at the same time, I do need to apply powder or my T zone will start getting oily after a few hours. With the powder, this BB cushion is very comfortable and light on my skin. It’s great for a youthful, cute, or everyday makeup look. The only minus for this product is that it does not have SPF, while Etude House has SPF 22/PA+.


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