#CollegeLife: 4 Tips for Organizing Your Dorm Room

Fall is the time when college students are all going back on campus – the air is always filled with excitement, nervousness, and anticipation. I love this time of year, because I can reconnect with friend and simultaneously make new ones – however, it does sometimes get overwhelming. One of the top factors I care about is adjusting to my new dorm room and making it MY space to work and chill. I myself am not an organized person, so this year I want to challenge myself! Here are my for tips for making your dorm room an organized and cozy space for yourself.IMG_0434

  1. Arrange your books the smart way

Whether you have a bookshelf or just the front part of your desk, arranging your books in an aesthetically appealing way is very important for defining the atmosphere of your room. I like to arrange my books by size and type (which means, I place book series together). It instantly gives an orderliness to your desk area. Place bigger books near the ends of the bookshelf. A cute book-end may be useful, as shown below. Also, if you don’t have too many books, use your shelf for decoration purposes!


2. Organize your clothes in an efficient way

This year, I’m going to get rid of my habit of just stuffing clothes into drawers then never being able to find what I want. So, I decided to roughly color code my clothes (I emphasize roughly because ain’t nobody got time for meticulous color coding ok) and rolling them to save space. This way I can open my drawer and automatically see the clothes in front of me.


3. Strategize where to place your surge protector

I am lucky to have an outlet placed right next to my bed and my desk, but I like charging my phone while I’m watching Youtube on my bed at night, so I placed my surge protector against a window to make things easier. It is better to strategize beforehand before plugging everything in and then having to change the positioning.


4. Make space for your personal passions in your room

I don’t particularly like my room looking like a hotel room that is really organized with no personal flair. What I did this year is choose two things, non-academic things, that I love and want to display in my dorm. One is kpop and the other is, of course, makeup! I kept these spaces minimal, but present. It makes me feel more at home and actually does boost my mood.


Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know your own tips.


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