REVIEW: Colourpop Lippies


Hey everyone, today I’ll be reviewing the Colourpop Lippie Stix Ellarie and Safari, as well as the Ellarie Lippie Pencil. Ellarie is a matte burgundy shade, while Safari is part of Colourpop’s newer sheer line – it is a fresh tangerine color.

My Humble Opinion:

The lipsticks are absolutely to die for. Ellarie is very vampy – matches 100% the online Colourpop swatch – the lippie pencil is extremely dark, while the lippie itself, if worn alone, is more red then burgundy. Combined, it is an extremely smooth and bold color, perfect for fall. They are very comfortable on the lips – both lip pencil and lipstick goes on like butter but stays put! 


Safari is a perfect everyday lip color – the orange is not vibrant (and not as vibrant as photos show online), instead giving a more sophisticated feel to your everyday makeup look. Although it is in the sheer line, the color payoff is wonderful. 


There is a strong caramel-like scent to the lippies, and it is pleasant, but if you accidentally taste the lippies, it does taste like plastic. That is the only downside for me.




6 thoughts on “REVIEW: Colourpop Lippies

      1. Omg no waaay! Alot of celebrities use it, Kim K, JLo Eva Longoria etc. Check out their IG page @motivescosmetics they have over 2 million followers more than all the popular beauty brands combined! This is where I get all my stuff. Theres acoupon code where i get 10% off 🙂

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