TUTORIAL: Red Velvet “Dumb Dumb” Freckle Makeup

Red Velvet’s playful new song Dumb Dumb just came out, and I am in love with their freckle makeup from the album cover! Dumb Dumb tells of a girl’s frustration when she has a crush on a guy, and behaves really awkward and dumb around him. Red Velvet sports sharp sexy eyes with cute freckle cheeks – a unique, but very pretty combination. Follow along if you want to achieve this cute yet mischievous kpop look.


Step 1: Base and Contouring

I used Etude House’s Collagen Essence-In Foundation in N13 as a base. We want full coverage foundation that provides enough moisture so it doesn’t cake on the skin. As for contouring, I used the Tarte The Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer mostly along the sides and my nose, as the girls have very well-defined noses in the picture.



with base, no contour


Step 2: Eyebrows and Cheeks

The eyebrows on the girls aren’t thick, per say, but definitely dark and well defined. As for the cheeks, I used Colourpop’s Blush in Thumper, a blue-tone pink, for an innocent flush, then added freckles with my Innisfree eyebrow pencil in Red Brown. I dotted a few big freckles on the center of my cheeks and on my nose.

dumbdumb5 dumbdumb7

Step 3: Eyes

I used Colourpop’s Hanky Panky shadow, a subtle contour shade, and applied it all over my eyes. I also applied the color over all of my under eye area. If you can tell, in the picture the girls have dramatically shaded their under-eye area to deepen their eyes and create a sexy tone to contrast the freckles.


Then, I took a black liquid eyeliner and drew thick lines that flicked to the end of my eyebrows. This will significantly open up your eyes. For finishing touches, I dabbed dots of the eyeliner on my lower lash line to mimic fake under-eye lashes.


Step 4: Lips

For the lips, we’ll keep it simple and fresh. I took the NARs Cruella shade (a vibrant true red) and just dabbed it on the inner parts of my lips for a just bitten gradient lip effect.


Voila! There you go – sexy and cute Dumb Dumb makeup, for when you want to look like a disappointed doll. 

dumbdumb12 dumbdumb11

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