TRENDING: #PowerofMakeup Selfies

Recently, a new trend has blossomed on Instagram that has harkened a new wave of strong, pro-makeup feminists: #PowerOfMakeup selfies. The trend started with a viral Youtube video by NikkieTutorials, and features girls applying makeup to half their face, while keeping the other half au naturel. The message behind the movement is simple and straightforward: a girl can be proud of herself with or without makeup on – wearing makeup is not a crime, but rather can be a wonderful passion. Of course, homegirl is 100% behind this message. A feminist can wear makeup. The invention of lipstick a long long time ago was probably meant for pleasing the opposite sex, but today women have changed the implications behind wearing makeup: we wear it for ourselves. We are lucky that we have the freedom to wear whatever face we want in public. Take a look at these photos and share your thoughts in the comments below! Of course, I think the movement is more complicated than it seems – usually these images are used to try to convince women that makeup is necessary for boosting self-confidence and for becoming beautiful.

NikkieTutorials video: “The POWER of Makeup”



PC: dailylife


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