REVIEW: Clean Rollerball Set


Recently, I bought the Clean perfume 5-piece rollerball set because I wanted to experiment with layering perfumes. Knowing that I like fresh scents as well as slightly musky scents, I purchased this on a whim. Here are my thoughts!

Scent Descriptions:

I’m going to skip the fancy talk and give you a casual description of each scent and my feels.

  1. Clean Air


A light, fresh, and slightly fruity scent that is a universal base for layering other perfumes. If you own lemon-scented facial mists or masks, it smells like Clean Air. I like this scent as a base scent.

2. Clean Warm Cotton


Eh, Clean Warm Cotton is perhaps my least favorite scent out of the five. I like fresh scents, but not like legit straight up detergent – which is literally the scent of Warm Cotton. Think concentrated laundry detergent. Yes. That is it.

3. Clean Cool Cotton


Quite a fan of this. It is slightly musky, slightly minty, with definite hints of bergamot, but still very fresh. Really a unique fragrance.

4. Clean Skin


A more musky but comforting, warm scent, almost creamy (may have vanilla undertones). I also quite like this – reminds me of autumn.

5. Clean White Woods


Ah, let’s end with my favorite. Slightly more creamy than Skin, but also more smoky, if you feel me. There are also hints of bergamot and fruity scents. The layers of this one fragrance alone is very complex. I love it!

My Two Preferred Combinations:


Musky, Creamy Heaven – Skin X White Woods –> for a crisp, creamy, and seductively musky scent at the same time. Extremely sophisticated scent!


Burst of Fresh – Air X Cool Cotton –> smells exquisitely minty and clean (ha), clears my mind up. 


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