TUTORIAL: Lilac X Burgundy Pre-Fall Makeup


Autumn days are coming – crispy leaves, roasted turkey, apple cider – you look forward to the fall, but also can’t let go of the summer. Inspired by that bittersweet feeling, I present the pre-fall Lilac X Burgundy transition makeup tutorial. With subtle but bold colors, it is designed to be suitable for daily wear. A lilac pop on the eyes and flushed cheeks remind us of summer, but burgundy gradient lips call out for the darker tones of fall. Enjoy!


Step 1: Base + Brows

For base, apply a facial mist then a light coverage BB cushion. Here I am using the Missha Magic Moisture BB Cushion (check out my review here). Your goal is to have very natural, glowy skin. For eyebrow grooming, I have been using the Sephora Brow Thickener in Blonde (#1), which is very natural and ideal for getting that thick brow look. The lighter color gives youth to the face.

Step 2: Eyes

Sweep a generous amount of Colourpop’s Cowboy (#3) shade on the lid. This lavender-white matte shade will subtly brighten up the eye area with a unique color. Then, do a small wing on the corner of your eyes (I am using 3CE’s Black Liquid Eyeliner).


Step 3: Cheek and Lips

For the cheek, I used Etude House’s Play 101 Pencil in #23 (#2), a bright wine red shade, to add a sophisticated flush onto the cheeks. And, for my gradient lips, I used the BB cushion to blot out any natural color, then just used ColourPop’s Ellarie lip liner on the inner parts of my lips. This color is a dark burgundy purple shade. Voila!



don’t mind my cracked lips O.O

Hope you liked it, and happy fall.



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