REVIEWS: ColourPop Eyeshadows


From left to right: Hanky Panky, Eye Candy, Cowboy

As promised, I’m going to do a short review on the ColourPop Super Shock Eyeshadows. I purchased three colors: Eye Candy, Hanky Panky, and Cowboy

Color Descriptions

Hanky Panky: it is a matte, warm taupe-bronze color, perfect for subtle contouring on the eyes. Color is very pigmented, but not as dark as it seems when you first look at the package. I like to sweep the color all over my lid to make my eyes look a bit more deep set and mysterious.

Eye Candy: A sparkly eyeshadow with purple base and silver/pink glitter. Again, color is lighter than in the package. A lovely, stunning color – the glitter is just the right amount to dazzle people without being over powering.

Cowboy: one of Colourpop’s bestsellers, for good reason! This color, a matte lavender pastel, is so suitable for virtually any skintone – I usually look horrible with purple eyeshadow but this one makes my complexion brighter! My first fall makeup tutorial will be featuring this~

** NOTE: colors look darker in the physical jar but online the colors are pretty accurate.**


above to below: Cowboy, Hanky Panky, Eye Candy

General Comments

I really am in love with the formula of these eyeshadows, as well as how flattering these shades look! When you first touch the eyeshadows, the formula feels wet, like a cream, but the matte shades have a beautiful powder finish. As for Eye Candy, the glitter is stunning ad really flatters my eyes. I wore them on without eye primer, and only after 4-5 hours did they start creasing, so I am quite impressed by that too. I’m actually seriously considering just replacing all my eyeshadow colors with ColourPop shadows, because they work so well for such affordable prices.


Have you tried ColourPop products before? If so, leave your impressions in the comments below. Until next time!


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