#HABITS: The Summer Skincare Routine


During the summer, it’s humid and hot. In addition, a lot of us have some traveling to do because it is vacation-time after all. Thus, even though we might have a lot of fun in the summer, our skin may get quite grumpy. Here is my personal summer skincare routine that has mostly kept my skin acne and oil free, while still maintaining enough moisture. These products are all Asian drugstore beauty products that have been raved about online. My philosophy with summer skincare is just to keep things light and basic, because too many different products can make your skin overwhelmed.

STEP 1: Remove

I use Watson’s Olive Deep Cleansing Oil (see my review on this product here), which effectively removes all my makeup without stripping my skin of moisture. Cleansing oil is a holy grail product all year round for me, because in middle school I always used cleansing wipes, and it really irritated my skin, so my life practically changed when I discovered cleansing oil! This particular product is extra moisturizing as it contains Olive Oil extract.


STEP 2: Cleanse

Following the oil, I cleanse my face with Etude House’s Dust Cut Microfoam Cleanser, which will theoretically cushion my skin against pollutants. I don’t know if it’s doing that much pollution blocking, but it is quite nice as a simple cleanser, and its foam does feel different in texture from other types of foam cleansers. I don’t think this can beat my favorite Shiseido Perfect Whip Cleanser, but it’s not bad either.


STEP 3: Tone and Moisturize

In the summer, I’m not about to layer products on my face to moisturize my skin – that only leads to breakouts. Instead, I do some research and choose a high moisture toner. This year, I chose Sana Nameraka’s Soybean Whitening Toner. This Japanese skincare line is famous for its soybean extract which is very moisturizing on the skin. I apply with my hands or a cotton pad twice a day. It does the job!


STEP 4: Exfoliate

In the summer, we sweat more often, so we naturally accumulate more dead skin cells on our skin. I exfoliate my skin twice a week, sometimes even more due to the pollution here in China. I use Ettusais’ Whitening Peeling Milk, a chemical peeling exfoliant, because it is less harsh on the skin than facial scrubs. This product has Lemon extract, which brightens the skin as it exfoliates. I honestly don’t think of this product as a holy grail product and will not repurchase this, but it does make my skin feel baby soft afterwards.


And it is as simple as that! Thanks for reading about my summer skincare routine. Stay tuned for my fall skincare routine post, and let me know how you take care of your skin in the summer!



6 thoughts on “#HABITS: The Summer Skincare Routine

  1. Ah, well my routine is full of stuff. Stuff which I have actually been semi consciously cutting down on in favour of the stuff that works.
    Also, I really like Étude House but it’s been a while since I tried out their stuff.

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    1. Haha, that’s ok, usually my winter routine is full of stuff as well. It’s awesome to hear that you like Etude House products! As for me, I’ve been gravitating towards Japanese skincare – I find that Japanese products are more effective. Thanks for commenting, I’ll check out your blog! 🙂


  2. My skincare routine is equally similar, wipes to clean off the dirt and make up, a cleanser, a atoner followed by a moisturiser. I exfoliate thrice a week and so far I have noticed a major difference with my looks.

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