APP EXPLORATION: Pitu Photo Editor

(This is NOT sponsored. All opinions belong to Liilan Kong of White Black Blank Spaces)

Recently, I’ve discovered an amazing app for all makeup and beauty lovers! For over 4 years, I’ve stuck with the Meitu apps for filtering photos and smoothing blemishes, but Pitu is just on a whole new level. Pitu has been really popular in China this year. It is most famous for its makeup and cosplay section, which is wonderful for people who want to experiment with a new lip color or makeup look without actually making the effort to do so – all you need is a good shot of your face, and Pitu will ‘apply’ your makeup for you!

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 10.27.48 AM Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 10.28.15 AM

The Beauty Cam function is really nice, with many filters you can choose from as you are taking a photo/selfie. Then, you can retouch your face (brighten it, cover dark circles, etc) and apply makeup – there is even a highlighter function! To go all out, you can try the cosplay function. It can turn you into G Dragon, a geisha, or Naruto.

Step one: Take a selfie!


Step Two: Choose your filter!


Step Three: Add a cute sticker!


Step Four: Apply light makeup!

I applied some blush and contact lenses.

IMG_7257 IMG_7258

Here is a separate before and after just to show everyone how powerful the makeup function is.





You can use this function however you like – it can be very natural or super out there. Mine is quite out there – I even gave myself double eyelids!

Hope you all have some time to check this app out. It is really great. I will also be uploading makeup looks inspired by the cosplay function, so I’ll keep you updated.


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