Etude House Teardrop Eyeliner Review (#2 Silver)

I purchased the Etude House Tear Drop Eye Liner in Beijing about a month ago, and it really has lived up to its fame. There are three color ranges for this under-eye brightener: #1 white (a true white with lots of sparkle), #2 silver (a light gold – ironically – with white and green shimmers), and #3 pearlized (a soft pink with white shimmers). I purchased #2 as it seemed to be the most unique color of the three options.


My Humble Opinion:

5/5 stars! The color is stunning on the under-eye, and can be used for either an innocent aegyo style look or a super sexy clubbing look. The green and white sparkles are subtle, and thus does not come off as tacky. I guess the only thing I’d like Etude House to change about this eyeliner would be to make it more long-lasting. Unlike regular eyeliner, this lasts only about 3-4 hours. 


Below is a very simple eye look I wore for a friend’s wedding a few days ago. I added the liner to my under-eye and the outer corner of my eye to make my black eyeliner seem more dramatic.


As you can see, I can also create a softer, more subtle look:


Thanks for reading! Tune in soon for my summer skincare routine. 🙂


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