MISSHA Magic Moisture BB Cream Review (N21)

I’m so excited to post a review about my new obsession! I bought this BB cream at a MISSHA store in Beijing, where they were doing a half-off discount. I got this for only 88RMB, or ~$13.


My Humble Opinion:

I really adore this BB cushion! The wonderful thing about it is that it balances my oiliness and dryness in a perfect way. I rarely get oily on my T Zone anymore, which was always a problem for past BB creams. The coverage is excellent, and brightens my face without making me look like a pale ghost. In addition, it is super light on the skin, so when I wear this in 104 degree Beijing weather, I don’t stress about my base makeup melting off.



Here is a swatch of it on the left side of my hand. It is smooth and dewy on the skin but not overly watery or oily. The smell is like linen or ocean water – very refreshing for a summer’s day!



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