This summer, I discovered a Missha store in the mall next to my apartment complex, and was so excited! After my purchase, they provided a sample size of the famous Missha BB Boomer base. It is supposed to brighten and enhance BB cream, while making the BB cream last all day on the skin.

IMG_0083 IMG_0084

My Humble Opinion:

This is truly a wonderful base product! The product itself – although the picture does no justice to it – has a pearlescent look, with subtle reflective shimmers that brighten the face without making it look unhealthily pale. There are pink pigments to warm up the face and give it a natural, rose glow. I thought that this base would make me look like a disco ball, but it just highlights the right parts of my face, without exaggerating unwanted lines, acne bumps, etc. 5/5 stars!

IMG_0085IMG_0086 IMG_0087

Keep your eye out for the Missha BB Magic Moisture Cushion review coming up next week! 


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