BRAND LINE REVIEW: Watson’s Olive Skincare Line

I’m back with a product review from a very popular Asian beauty and skincare chain store, Watson’s (give a like if you know this store). The store is like a Sephora for Asian beauty products, including Hada Labo and Za, but also promotes various lines created by the store itself. I tried out two products from the moisturizing Watson’s Olive line: their pre-essence and their cleansing oil. 

IMG_0075 IMG_0071

My Humble Opinion:

After a week of using these two products, I give both of them a fat five out of five stars!

The cleansing oil not only takes away all my makeup, including waterproof mascara, and managed to leave no oily residue with just a few splashes of water! I was very impressed by that. There is no strong fragrance, and it is relatively gentle on the eyes (minimal stinging sensation).

IMG_0073 IMG_0074


The pre-essence was designed as a moisturizing primer that makes your makeup stay on longer. It is indeed really good at making foundation/BB cream adhere to the skin. The essence itself is watery and white, and with a few pats it easily absorbs into the skin. I’m very pleased with this product!



Finally, Here is a link to the Watson’s range, so you all can have a gander.


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