THE TASTE JOURNEY: The Strawberry Cafe, Beijing

Here is another cool little find at the ChaoYang District (朝阳区) in Beijing called Strawberry Cafe (info here). My friend took me two flights under ground level to the tucked away place, and I must say, both the atmosphere and food were wonderful.strawberry1

The atmosphere was small, but cool and laid-back and not very brightly lit. There is a central bar area with tables around it, but if you want to buy some of their signature fruit cakes, you can order them right when you walk in. Since this is a Japanese style cafe, the walls have Miyazaki anime posters on them, framed by alcohol bottles. The bartender who made my cocktail said that this atmosphere is not too noisy. Most people are here to chat with their friends or lovers, and aren’t looking to party until post-midnight.

strawberry2 strawberry3For food, I ordered a Mango Cake Slice and an Apple Cocktail so I could see the bartender mix a drink in front of me! The mango cake was absolutely delicious – they’d wrapped slices of tender mango meat into the shape of a flower, and adorned the plate with shaved ice, half a banana, and plenty of warm chocolate syrup. The presentation and taste was heavenly. As for the cocktail, I don’t drink that much in general, so I couldn’t tell if it was really well made, but it tasted good! The bartender chatted away as he made the drink, but really concentrated as well, smelling every ingredient. That was impressive.

strawberry4 strawberry5 strawberry7

Have you visited this place? Do you want to? Let me know in the comments section!


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