THE TASTE JOURNEY: Lotus Cafe, Qsinghua University


Yesterday, I explored a quaint little cafe inside Qsinghua University Campus called Lotus Cafe (荷塘月色). It overlooks a majestic natural landscape of (surprisingly) a lotus pond, but the aesthetic of the cafe itself is small, girly, and cozy. I quite enjoyed the atmosphere and the food!

IMG_6699 IMG_6698

The cafe has a colorful, pastel color palette and cute little paper lanterns that brighten up the ceiling. Some of the tables have square decor pillows, which also are a plus in my book. As for the cons, I think I saw a few crawling baby spiders and beetles on the walls, which is inevitable given the cafe’s proximity to a body of water, but still unsettling when I’m eating my lunch.

I ordered a Bolognaise Italian Pasta (意式红酱面)and iced Cherry Blossom Latte (冰樱花拿铁). The pasta was simple but quite good, cooked al dente with a flavorful sauce. Although I also enjoyed the Latte, I think the “Cherry Blossom” was just faked with pink sugar syrup, which disappointed me. I was expecting a much more mysterious flavor, given the mysterious name (I do not know what cherry blossom flowers really taste like…).



All in all, this is a cute cafe and I’d definitely visit here again. I just hope they take care of the bug problem!


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