TRENDING: New Youtube Favorite –> DAS

I don’t know if you are familiar is famous self-taught makeup artist and blogger PONY, but in South Korea she is really well-known. She has a channel on Insite TV, and makes tons of videos featuring different makeup looks for different seasons, moods, etc. Well, recently PONY introduced her viewers to a good friend of hers, DAS, who currently lives in Canada.


Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 9.17.11 PM


While PONY frequently does romantic, innocent, and youthful looks, very popular looks among Korean girls, DAS goes for something edgier. I really like her style because she is not afraid of meshing together Korean makeup trends (youthful, innocent) with more American-influenced smoky eyes and heavy contouring. She reminds me of a sweeter version of Claire Marshall, a Korean-American Youtube makeup guru.

I love her “Mature Look” makeup video because she directly defies the current obsession with youthful looking makeup that involves huge eyes, cute blush, and bouncy skin. I feel like, yes, we all have days when we feel like we want to look adorable (especially in the romantic spring and summer seasons), but we shouldn’t be bombarded with those trends everyday. It is refreshing and empowering to be equipped with a Mature Look for professional settings or just when you feel like being very assertive. I especially love it when she swears in the beginning: “We all like to look youthful but sometimes its gets f$#@ing annoying to be looked down upon because you are young.” *applause* You tell them!

Let me know what you think of DAS and her videos – with only 3 makeup videos, she is already at almost 20,000 subscribers. That is quite impressive.


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