Long Flights: What Is In My Carry-On Makeup + Skincare Bag?


We all know our skin needs some TLC during long haul flights! Here are some essentials that I bring with me in my little Forever 21 WILD CHILD bag.


First, I like bring my Innisfree Melting Mineral Foundation Pact with me, because it provides a matte but moisturizing finish and is a solid/cream product, so it is very airplane friendly. My face tends to get oily but also dry on flights, so this foundation is great for touching up before landing.


Aren’t these Tony Moly products adorable? The first one is the Tony Moly Cooling Eye Stick, which I did not really enjoy at first, but now have learned to appreciate (Check out my initial impressions here). It keeps my eyes hydrated and de-puffs it. Also, Tony Moly Fragrance Sticks are great – a good friend of mine gave me with Fruity Scent for Christmas. It smells fresh and sweet, for when I’m feeling a bit icky on the plane!


For instant lip color for when I land, I like something with a hydrating formula and that is easy to apply without a mirror. The Face Shop’s I Love Pure Color lip line is perfect for that. I can quickly apply it and be assured that the color will look natural and fresh. Be sure to check out my review on this product here.

carryon6Of course, a small and thickly-formulated hand cream is a must. My hands get uncomfortably dry during long haul flights. I’m using Crabtree and Evelyn’s Summer Hill Repairing Hand Cream.


I’m also bringing along a light but hydrating sleeping pack with me. This is the Face Shop’s Seaweed Moisturizing Pack. I like to pat it on and leave it on for five hours or so. Then, I simply use some water, spray it on a napkin, and take it off (or just go to the lavatory). It protects my skin for drying into a prune, but isn’t too sticky either.


The theme of skin hydration never ends. I put the Mario Badescu Rose Herbal Water Spray in a small 70mL spray bottle to use at my convenience.


When I buy from Korean stores, they usually hand out samples of moisturizers and toners, etc. I definitely take advantage of that for my flights! They are easy to stuff into my little bag and saves me some trouble on the plane.


Let’s go back to the essentials. A thick lip balm, like this Carmex lip balm, is very important to prevent horribly chapped lips.


Another essential and our last product: hand sanitizer! Let’s not get ourselves too sick while flying with so many people. Get rid of those germs!


What are your carry-on essentials? Let me know in the comments below!


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