TRENDING: What Kylie Jenner Reveals About American Beauty Standards

When a lot of Americans think about crazy beauty standards and pressures, we gravitate towards South Korea – and it is for the most part legitimate. South Korean families usually set aside certain amounts of money in order to cover their daughters’ future plastic surgery fees when their daughters are born. To add to that, many Korean pop music girl bands must change the look of their faces through plastic surgery, or they will not survive in the competitive entertainment industry. Here is a popular video that teaches Korean girls to achieve a “plastic surgery effect” look on their face:

This is all quite true and exposes to the horrifying extent of beauty standards set on Asian women. However, lots of people tend to forget our own American beauty standards in the midst of critiquing the beauty standards of other countries. In America, it is all about accepting different face shapes, different skin colors, different makeup styles. Is it really that progressive though?

You’ve probably heard about the recent Kylie Jenner craze where children are sucking on shot glasses to achieve Jenner’s full lip look.

I’m surprised that a lot of my friends are just laughing this off as the result of specifically stupid kids – “those kids are crazy”. Yet, when they read Korean plastic surgery tales, they put on this super concerned look, as if they are worried about the mental wellbeing of the whole entire country. I’m not saying we shouldn’t know about Korea’s own issues, but let’s not point fingers at another country when our own country has children mutilating themselves at home to achieve a singular look that was in the first place only achievable through plastic surgery. There are plenty of photos featuring children with swollen or even split-open lips due to this challenge (I will not include these pictures in my post for the more squeamish people out there, but a google image search should give you plenty of results). This says something about how far American beauty has really come. Yes, while I’m proud of the American vision of beauty, let’s all observe the Kylie Jenner situation, take a step back, and reflect on our own country’s problems right now. 


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