#beautyforsocialchange: 100 Followers Post

Hello, my dedicated, lovely, strong, confident readers and followers!

This post is about something is tiny bit different. This is an expression of gratitude for helping me reach 100 followers today. I put heart into every post I do, and it is wonderful to receive such friendly comments and so much love in general. To celebrate 100 followers, I want to first share a project I’m undertaking this summer with all of you.


I’ll be going to China this summer, to film a short documentary [learn more] about migrant workers and their perception of beauty. It will give us a fresh pair of eyes about our relationship with mainstream beauty standards as well as our own self-image. In her edited book, Women: a Feminist Perspective, Jo Freeman states, “Imagine a society where bodies and faces are decorated… to express creativity rather than for self-control and self-worth. Imagine what would happen if the world’s women … liberated all of the energy that had been absorbed in the beautification process.”

Urban Beauties does not promote any one universal view of beauty. Instead, it brings concrete social dimensions into the discussion of beauty: whereas it critiques the beauty industry’s commodification of women and dismissal of class issues, it refutes the pessimistic view that all young women are simply victims of urban beauty standards. By focusing on two migrant female workers, the film investigates whether these two women can embrace their own definition of beauty and use beauty as a mouthpiece for individual expression in a society that not only perpetuates commercialism, but also is stuck in Confucian traditional mentalities towards women.

If you donate $10, you will receive a hard copy of the film in the fall, as well as a public shoutout on this blog. 

If you donate $50, you will also be eligible for a beauty gift bag giveaway! 


GoFundMe is a popular crowdfunding site, so feel assured that your credit card info will remain secure! There is also a banner on the side of my blog.

I hope that you will support me in our endeavor. At the very least, please share this post on social media with the hashtag #beautyforsocialchange. Thank you very much, and I love you.

Also, there may be a giveaway for you guys in the near future, so stay tuned.


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