Nails, Tea, He Is We: A Bit of Green to Welcome the Summer


Summer calls – a time of surprises and old comforts in the hazy heat. My first year of college is winding to an end. How do I feel right now? Green.

Lemongrass green is the color of growth, of youth. Mint green is cool and enticing to the taste buds. Turquoise is sexy, refined, and precious. Spanish writer Pedro Calderon de la Barca once wrote:

Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.

Today, I’ll be sharing some items that make me feel like summer. When I have these things close to me, I can transport myself to a cool summer’s night, where I am strolling the streets in China, taking in the humid air and feeling every heartbeat of my youth.



Etude House Play Nails, Jelly Texture, GR709 –

As featured last week in my Yesstyle Haul, this nail color reminds me of chocolate chip mint ice cream. The application is smooth and the color opaque. It really brings life to my nails, to the point where I can’t stop looking at them on a daily basis! Note: it does come out a bit darker and less pastel than it looks like in the bottle.



Stash Organic Peppermint Herbal Tea

I am absolutely in love with this tea. I drink it every night to help unwind before bedtime. Besides its breath freshening and digestive aid benefits, peppermint tea also gives your taste buds a cooling sensation, even if you drink it hot. Perfect for summertime! I’ll be definitely packing a box of this stuff to China.

I am definitely an avid tea drinker, so if you’d like, I can write more posts about my favorite teas.


A song that reminds me of the energy in the color green is All About Us by He Is We, an indie pop group founded in 2008. Click here to see their Facebook page.

It is calm, romantic, youthful, and simple. Be sure to check it out. Here are my favorite portion of the lyrics, so you can get a taste:

Suddenly I’m feeling brave
Don’t know what’s got into me
Why I feel this way
Can we dance real slow?
Can I hold you real close?

If you guys would like to read about more of my favorite songs, be sure to like this post and comment below!

Thanks for reading this. Hope it added a bit of a summer vibe to your day! Like this post if you are ready for summer!


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