A BRIGHT REVIEW: Lululun Japanese Sheet Mask (7pc)

As summer draws near, I love abiding to the Asian beauty standard of bright, glowing skin (homegirl has tried tanning, concluded that she does not want to look like orange leather). Tan skin, UV ray damage, begone! Back in April, I bought this pack of 7 sheet masks from popular, award-winning Japanese skincare brand Lululun. I tried out their Brightening Facial Mask.

The packaging is clean and minimal, with a hint of cute! It is resealable and leakproof. Inside, there are 7 folded masks – it is a bit inconvenient as these masks are not separated by any kind of film, so sometimes they stick together and make a moist mess.


My Humble Opinion:

I give this sheet mask 4.5/5 stars.

The mask itself stretches to fit the face, with a cottony texture to it. The clear essence is not oily or sticky, and they didn’t put too much in – I really appreciate the fact that the essence wasn’t slobbering down my neck or getting into my eyes. I feel like this is definitely not going to give intense repair to my skin, but is a great daily mask. It has boosted by skin tone and made me look bright and fresh. There are no artificial colors or fragrances, which is a great plus in my book.


I took off half a star only because the mask size was a bit small. As you see in the picture below, It doesn’t rest on the areas surrounding my nose bridge. In my opinion, that is such a waste of the essence!


Thank you for reading. Do you have a favorite sheet mask brand? Let me know in the comments below!


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