THIS OR THAT Beauty Edition Tag! Collab with Tresgla

IMG_5695Welcome to my first tag post, and my first collab! I’m very excited to share some fun things about my life and what I love with you.

I’m collaborating with Elina and Anna from Tresgla, a makeup and fashion blog. Be sure to check their This or that Beauty Edition tag, and follow their amazing, thoughtfully-written blog! Now, let’s move on to the tag itself:

 tagbeautyedition2blush or bronzer: blush; bronzers almost always make me look orange!
lip gloss or lipstick: lip tints and stains! Korean cosmetics truly grab the grand prize here – the pigmentation of a lipstick, sheen of gloss, and no transfer. A+ in my book.
eye liner or mascara: liquid black eyeliner. The downside is that they dry out pretty quickly.
foundation or concealer: BB/CC cream. My base makeup is about minimizing dullness, not covering up imperfections.
neutral or color eye shadow: neutral because I’m afraid it can clash with my glasses.
pressed or loose eye shadows: pressed. Loose eye shadows have the danger of fall-out!
brushes or sponges: cushion puffs for even coverage, no streaks, and that natural, dewy glow.

OPI or china glaze: I’ve had the least chipping and longest staying color with L’Oreal actually.
Long or short: long and oval. Adds character.
Acrylic or natural: natural – I have naturally strong nails!
Brights or darks: Both. Brights in the summer, Neutrals/nudes in the fall and spring, and darks in the winter.
Flower or no flower: no flower, too much effort for me.

perfume or body splash: perfume because low maintenance = A+
lotion or body butter: the Body Shop body butters (actually so good)
body wash or soap: body wash. I like that sudsy feeling you get with a cream body wash and a loofah!
lush or other bath company: other bath company. Lush products just never were effective on me, and I’m not the type who is fascinated by good smelling things if they don’t do stuff to my skin.

jeans or sweat pants: Jeans. Don’t think I own a single pair of sweatpants, come to think of it.
long sleeve of short: both, no preference.
dresses or skirts: dresses because a lot of my skirts are patterned, so it’s hard to match them with a top.
stripes or plaid: stripes. Just never thought plaid looked flattering on me, and I’ve bought so many plaid blouses, haha.
flip flops or sandals: flip-flops – they are super casual and fun.
scarves or hats: scarves, especially in the fall time. It makes me feel sophisticated and cozy.
studs or dangly earrings: I never pierced my ears! Surprising, no?
necklaces or bracelets: necklaces – the ones that hang down to your chest!
heels or flats: both. I wear them interchangeably, although I’ll admit I’ve been leaning towards flats more recently.
cowboy boots or riding boots: riding boots. Cowboy boots look cheesy and awkward on me.
jacket or hoodie: depends on the occasion! I love a sturdy, black trench-coat in the fall, but otherwise hoodies are just more casual and easy to grab-and-go.
forever 21 or charlotte russe: Forever 21!
abercombie or Hollister: neither….never had a thing for those stores…
saks 5th or nordstrom: don’t shop in any of those two stores.
curly or straight: straight and thick 🙂 Just the way it is now.
bun or ponytail: ponytail. I have this feeling that a tight bun makes my face look bigger than it actually is.
bobby pins or butterfly clips: neither. I usually never require them because I’m lazy.
hair spray or gel: hair spray. Gels weigh my hair down and makes me feel greasy.
long or short: shoulder-length! I can still tie it into a ponytail but it feel more youthful and energetic.
light or dark: dark, but maybe that will change someday.
side sweep bangs or full bangs: side bangs, please. I’ve tried full straight bangs in middle school just because it was (and still is) the trending hairstyle for Asian girls – those were not my best days.
up or down: up. When you are in college, it’s all about not letting your hair obstruct your vision when you are walking to class or reading books! #nerd
Rain or shine: Shine. The rain is beautiful. But only when I’m looking at it from a window, inside. I have a bit of thing against humidity, sogginess, and being in damp clothes.
Summer or winter: Summer all day everyday! I was born in August, and my most cherished memories are during the summertime.
Fall or spring: fall. Spring is when the allergies hit. Besides, I get to sport a dark burgundy lip just in time for Halloween season.
Chocolate or vanilla: Dark chocolate by itself, vanilla if we talking ice cream.
East coast or west coast: West Coast best coast. Being at college in Cali has made me realize that yes, I am generally happier without getting my body frozen come November every single year.

Would you like to do this tag? Write a post and share the link in the comments below so I can see what you prefer, beauty or nonbeauty! 


6 thoughts on “THIS OR THAT Beauty Edition Tag! Collab with Tresgla

  1. Hi, really enjoyed going through your post, i can tell you put effort into it! Very interesting, cool (and stylish too!) keep up the good blogging!
    Come check out my blog if you get the time, I just posted my met ball favourite outfits, I’d love to know what you think!

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