#NudeLip: The Face Shop Pure My Lips I Love Pure Color (#5 Chic Brown)

I think I’ve found the perfect beige nude color that is both suitable for daily wear and just gives my lips some more life without too much hassle. Here is why I’m in love with My Pure Color Lip Line in Chic Brown.


My Humble Opinion:

Pigmentation (3 stars/5):

I’d say this is the only¬†disappointing aspect of this product – the pigmentation looks good in the tube, but on your lips, it doesn’t show too much. Conveniently, I was looking for a more sheer coverage lip color anyways, so the lack of pigmentation worked in my favor. Also, the color seems more pink than “Chic Brown”, as it claims to be, but on the lips it has a nudish hue, not a pink hue. What I really like is that the formula has no shimmer – it is indeed a very ‘pure’ color.


Lasting Power (4/5):

As the product is more of a hybrid between a cream and a gloss, I’d say that the lasting power is surprisingly strong. I can see the gloss and the color on my lips up to 4 hours after I apply, but if I eat with this lip color on, it won’t last. The upside to that is when I reapply this product, the formula is never drying, even on chapped lips, so that makes it create for daily use. I don’t really need to look at a mirror when applying either – the color goes on evenly.


All in all, this is a great product for daily use! Obviously, the pigmentation doesn’t make a bold statement, but its good if you want your lips to feel a bit lifted. Have you tried The Face Shop lip products before? I also mentioned other The Face Shop lip products in my current makeup favorites post. Check that out here!


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