The Grind: 3 Tips for When You Are Overwhelmed



A paper due here, a presentation scheduled there, meetings floating around, and, oh right, a hundred pages of reading for your literature class tomorrow. Sound familiar? It happens to the best of us, and eventually we have to stop running away from the scary amount of stress that is secretly breathing down our necks. Let’s take a deep breath: here are 4 helpful tips.

1) Ready, Set, Write. When things get crazy, you constantly feel like you have a billion things in your head. What is the solution? Jot down these events and thoughts on paper. It can be in the form of a journal or a to-do list. Write down your worries, but most importantly, your plans. Make a preliminary  schedule so that you can sort out your mental clutter. This way, you don’t need to hold everything in your head without having a sense of organization.


2) Make a playlist of empowering songs or – ditch your MP3 all together. Different people have different methods of dealing with their stress. Some frequent music listeners love the feeling of compiling and jamming to a playlist of empowering tunes – songs that motivate them to work hard and forget the past. Others feel overwhelmed, and adding the distraction of music can trigger a whole set of frustrating emotions. Therefore, at times, it’s helpful to just ditch your iPhone or MP3 player and re-familiarize yourself with natural sounds – or just silence.

3) Talk to someone you trust. Sometimes, you can’t handle everything by yourself. That’s the whole purpose of a support group, right? We can get caught up proving to ourselves that we can figure life out alone – it gives us a sense of accomplishment. However, we are social animals and it is normal and natural for us to seek help. Give your relatives a call. Text a friend. Ask a professor for some expert advice. Don’t hold back.

4) Clear out your work area, or move to someplace new. Sometimes, being in the same exact place to work can drain you. You may even associate feelings of frustration and boredom with a specific work place. There is an easy fix to this – move elsewhere, or clean out your space! Physical organization and/reorientation leads to mental organization/reorientation.


Give these tips a try, and remember, be grateful for everything else that is going smoothly in your life, and don’t be afraid of your past or your future. Hope I helped.


4 thoughts on “The Grind: 3 Tips for When You Are Overwhelmed

  1. I find all your tips very true! Writing to-do-lists and scheduling my tasks is incredibly helpful to me as well. Keeps my head clear, and I’m far more productive. A cluttered work space makes me nervous, but so does loud music. I usually don’t listen to any or I listen to something from the Chill playlist on Spotify.

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