#PlumSpring: NYC HD Eyeshadow Review (785 Central Park Plum)

I love breaking seasonal makeup rules. This spring, I want to bring back a fall look – the plum/burgundy eyeshadow. Amidst the light pinks and pastels of spring, I want to revisit a more sophisticated color. I bought this New York Color HD Eyeshadow Trio at the drugstore for $2.75. Here are my thoughts.

The packaging is simplistic, but I like the criss-cross patterns on the eyeshadows themselves. Let’s jump into the review of the product itself.

My Humble Opinion:

I give this palette: 2/5 Rating

I absolutely love the burgundy plum contour color – it has discreet shimmers and the feel of the powder is silky and velvety. Its color payoff is out of this world. That being said, however, the other two colors are basically non-existent in terms of color payoff. This made me a bit annoyed as NYC said this HD palette was supposed to blow people away with the pigmentation. The pink highlighter shade is really sheer, which I can work with as a base for the darker color. I’m most disappointed by the taupe color, because it looks beautiful in the packaging, but as you can see with my swatch, you can’t see any hints of gray. I bought 3 eyeshadow colors, but only the burgundy plum color deserves an above average rating in my book.

nycplums1 nycplums4

I may do a makeup tutorial with the burgundy eyeshadow color as my base – that is how much I love it! The other two colors in this trio, on the other hand, greatly disappointed me.

Have you tried this palette out before? If not, did you find my review helpful? Comment below!


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