FOTD: The Strong Eyebrow Game


A quick post on a look I’ve been liking this week.

My most insecure part of my face is probably my eyebrows. If you demanded me to not wear makeup for a week, I wouldn’t care too much at all, but only under the condition that I can fill my eyebrows in every morning. Thus, I did a bit of research about the popular¬†trends for eyebrow shapes in Asian and American beauty.

I pulled out from my research two types of mainstream eyebrow looks: the American sexy and thin waxed eyebrows and the Korean aegyo-sael cute straight eyebrows.

Megan Fox sporting a thin, arched, and sexy brow From

Aegyo-sal Light, Straight Brows From’s post on Korean Makeup Trends.

However, recently there has been a rising eyebrow trend that, in my opinion, has broken new ground for us women. The Korean eyebrow look makes girls seem innocent, wanting to be taken care of. The American waxed eyebrows scream sex appeal. But this new brow look, first made widely popular by model Carla Delevingne, doesn’t care for what men want in women. Her brows are straight, dark, messy, and full of true personality. If you look at the way her brows frame her face, it brings a sort of sophisticated depth that is lacking in the other two mainstream brow trends. I became obsessed with this look.

From Teen Vogue

What I’ve done for my FOTD is essentially mix together Delevingne’s fierce bushiness with a more everyday Korean straight eyebrow look to create – voila – just enough character without being overwhelming. Three tips on creating my FOTD:

1) Usually you draw your eyebrows in a gradient – darker shading for your outer brow area and lighter for the inner brow area around your nose. Here, as you can see on Delevingne, that rule is void. Shade dark on all your brow.

2) I stuck to a Korean eyebrow look with minimal arch, but also attempted to “tilt” the straightness up in general to form a 20 degree angle. If you bring your inner brow area slightly higher than your outer brow area, you may end up giving off a “puppy eye” look, which isn’t what I’m going for. Make sure to extend your eyebrow a bit longer than its natural length at the outer brow area.

3) When picking a shade/color for your eyebrow, if you have darker hair, go for a shade that matches your hair color (like what I did). If you have light or blonde hair, be even more bold and just choose to use a black color regardless of your hair color, like Delevingne is doing.

Hope you liked my FOTD. Don’t forget to follow~


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