REVIEW: Liese Bubble Hair Color Dye in Jewel Pink

Dying your hair feels like re-inventing yourself. I wanted to brighten my hair color to herald the coming of spring and summer, to rejuvenate myself, recapturing some of the youth that I’ve lost over the winter months (even though I’m living in sunny sunny California). Therefore, Liese’s Bubble Hair Dye in Jewel Pink that I purchased from Yes Style seemed perfect for me. Follow me along my first hair dye journey.

Product Image:


Time Taken:

Applying Product = 30 minutes

Waiting Time = 40 minutes

Total = 1h10min

My Hair In Outdoor Lighting: Before

My Hair in Outdoor Lighting: After

Lovely photos of the process:


IMG_5973 IMG_5972

Overall Thoughts: This hair dye is quite easy to work with, doesn’t smell too bad, and has nice color payoff. I have quite thick hair, but managed to get some color out of one bottle. However, I must say that the outdoor lighting may be deceiving – my actual hair color indoors has more of a subtle red-brown sheen, not nearly as dramatic as my hair color under the sunlight.

Have you dyed your hair before with Liese Bubble Hair Dye? Let me know!


5 thoughts on “REVIEW: Liese Bubble Hair Color Dye in Jewel Pink

  1. Did they discontinue this shade cause I can’t find it anywhere; I might look around because they have new packaging now as well for the Liese brand.

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