Trending: Korean Makeup “Dramas” and “Diaries”

I recently discovered a growing trend in Korean youtube channels: airing short episodes (lasting approximately 10-20 minutes each) that incorporate makeup looks with a fictional plot-line. The first prominent “makeup drama” I watched is called Sweet 20s, and has six episodes so far. It is produced by popular channel Insite TV (the channel that popularized famous Korean beauty blogger Pony). It is about a college girl who has relationship issues with her boyfriend. The storyline sets aside about five minutes for the girl to show the viewers how she puts on her makeup based on her mood — episodes are titled by the makeup look. For example, the first episode is titled “Self-Radiating Heroine Make-up” because the girl’s mood is confident and radiant in this episode. During a sadder episode, the girl sported a “Tear-proof Makeup” look. Here are a few snapshots of that episode:

My humble opinion:

I am genuinely very pleased and impressed by this new trend in the Youtube world. As someone who is both interested in filmmaking and makeup, these “dramas” strike me as creative, and also inspire viewers to view makeup as a way of daily journaling (see here for a previous post about my views on makeup), a way of trying to create or trying to document a certain mood. This is one of the major reasons why makeup is so important to me, and so I believe this trend on Youtube is a great way to push forward that message. Want to start watching so you can see for yourself this phenomenon that is really revolutionizing the makeup/film industry? Here is the very first episode, with English subtitles. Enjoy:

What do you think of this trend? Let me know in the comments below!


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