60 Little Tips That Can Change a College Girl’s Life

I discovered this post from a beautiful blog Serendipity and Creativity, which relates so much to my previous blog posts on college life. These 60 tips are written with love and care, so I thought I’d reblog this. Enjoy! Let me know if you have any thoughts by commenting below.



By the time we ladies have shared all of our wisdom, we will have the college years down to an exact science. 

  1. Download AnyList to share grocery lists with your roommates and keep everything straight. It will make your lives so much easier.
  2. You should drive as little as possible. It will save you money, relieve stress, and give you exercise. When in doubt, walk it out.
  3. Buy a wristlet that you absolutely love, but that also isn’t too expensive. For class and also for the parties and bars, having a little companion to safely store your phone, money, and ID is essential.
  4. Use a day planner. Get a day planner app. Basically, organize your shit in order to maintain your sanity.
  5. Create a junk mail email account and sign up for a bunch of different coupons and offers. The email blasts that go out often have coupons that cannot…

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